Improving access to trains and stations

Rail Accessibility Ltd works with railway operators and others to improve the provision of services to ‘persons with reduced mobility’, a significant proportion of existing and potential customers.

‘Persons with reduced mobility’ is a phrase defined under European rail interoperability regulations. It includes disabled people, and other people who may have reduced mobility such as people travelling with children, people with heavy luggage, elderly people, pregnant women, people with a lack of knowledge of the local language, and children. Many people who identify themselves as falling within one or more of these groups will experience significant barriers to access when using rail services.

Rail Accessibility Ltd has adopted the ‘Social Model of Disability’. We do not focus on any impairment as the cause of disability. People using rail services may be disabled by the built environment, policies, and other people’s attitudes. We focus on the steps rail service providers can take to remove barriers to access.

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