Accessibility standards for new and refurbished stations are summarized in the DfT document ‘Accessible Train Station Design for Disabled People: a Code of Practice’. This contains mandatory national and European standards, as well as guidance. In some cases the direct source of an operator�s obligations will be the Technical specification for interoperability relating to ‘persons with reduced mobility’ (PRM TSI) Further details on station accessibility can be found on the DfT website.

Franchised station operators, including Network Rail, are obliged as a condition of their operating licence to establish and comply with a ‘Disabled People�s Protection Policy’, which must include a statement committing the operator to comply with the Code of Practice, and with the PRM TSI, when installing or refurbishing facilities at stations. The DfT publishes guidance on how to write a DPPP.

Service providers including station operators are subject to the Equality Act 2010, which imposes various duties designed to prevent discrimination against disabled people. The Government Equalities Office provides a summary of the implications of the Equality Act.

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